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Garden Flowers Watercolor Wall Decals

Enjoy a beautiful garden in your own inside space in watercolor.  As shown in the layout in the pictures above, the garden measures 58" wide by 51" tall (147.3cm x 129.5cm), not counting the placement of the insects. There are many elements in this garden and we have placed them very close together, so you can imagine the space these decals can cover.

Let us tell you why our fabric wall decals are so nice. We make all of our wall decals in our Portland, Oregon studio on our own wide format printer. All of our products are of fabric construction, PVC-free and contain no vinyl, making them a kid-friendly, non-toxic option for your family. We have had our products tested and they comply to CPSIA safety standards.

This set of repositionable stickers includes:

* 11 Flowers 6.5" x 6.5" to 11" x 11" (16.5cm x 16.5cm to 27.9cm x 27.9cm)
* 11 Stems 15" to 44.5" tall (38.1cm to 113cm)
* 14 Leaves from 6" to 20" Long (15.2 to 50.8cm)
* 2 Leafy Branches 6" x 16" and 7" x 32" (15.2cm x 40.6cm and 17.8cm x 81.3cm)
* 1 Dragon Fly with a 9.8" Wingspan (24.9cm)
* 2 Buzzing Bees 4" x 3" (10.2cm x 7.6cm)
* 2 Fluttery Butterflies 6.8" x 6.5" and 4" x 5" (17.3cm x 16.5cm and 10.2cm x 12.7cm)

The flowers and leaves are individual, so you can place and re-place them however you like! Have some fun - move them around!

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