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How to Customize Your Wall Decals

May 17, 2019

Well this is my favorite topic. Run into me at the grocery store and ask me about my day and I'll tell you I'm good. Ask me about my kids or wall decals and you will quickly realize that you are going to have to start brainstorming exit strategies to our conversation if you are going to get home in time to start dinner.

You know that feeling when you go to a friends house for the first time and all of a sudden you walk into THE most gorgeous room? You can't even point to the things in the room that make it so lovely - it just works. It's the proportions and colors! The sizes of all the furniture and accessories are in proportion to each other, and in proportion to the room they are in. And the colors - the paint, the furniture, the bedding, the accessories - they all just work together. Size and color - it's that simple.  

1. The good news - You can just find some Eco Wall Decals that you love and buy them. If you have a normal size room with normal sized furniture, the sizes will work.


There were no custom wall decal options in non-vinyl in 2007 when I was decorating my son's nursery. So I started this company


e were the first company in the USA to design and make wall decals on 



My architect husband  

My husband is an architect and very serious about proportions.   

The reason this works is that we've been in business a long time.


We finally got it down to where most of our customers photos and interior designer orders are the same size as our listings.

e changed the size of our clouds probably 45 time

 we can quickly see what they like and what they think is stupid.

Almost all our wall decals

We got excited about making custom wall decals a long time ago.

I started thinking about it 11 years ago

 There are three ways to get this look for your child's room, and it all depends on your personality.


sizes of the furniture and accessories are proportional to each other, and

The formula

They have the proportions right. The furniture


YOUR most gorgeous room.

I want to capture that feeling.



If you are the person who falls in love with


That's kind of what we do.



Wall decals that are the right size for your wall space and in colors that coordinate

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