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Posted on April 23, 2013 by Susan Harris

I am passionate about promoting safer products for children. Recently I started learning about the dangers in some common household products. I was surprised to discover how toxic some of the pvc plastic toys and wall decals were. I felt disturbed that I had purchased so many of these products for my family, and then overwhelmed with information as I tried to replace them with safer versions.

I am excited to offer a safe and pvc-free option for wall decals. I spent a long time in product development, hopeful that I could make peel-and-stick wall decals that are easy to reposition and never rip or tear. The first phase was talking to several manufacturers about their existing products and seeing if we could rework them to fit these specifications. When we finally had it right, I had the products tested to make sure they really were safe.

It was worth the wait. I love the final product. I love that Eco Wall Decals are pvc-free, easy to put up, and that you don't have to read instructions to apply them. I love that you can change your mind about where you put them and reposition them until you think it's perfect. I love that our products are safe for your kids to play with. I love that they are washable and will re-stick when dry. 

I'm starting off with a few limited edition designs, and am starting to contact some of my favorite artists. I'll update this blog monthly with our progress. I really want to start a conversation with our early customers so if you have feedback, please leave me a comment or give me a call.


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